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    Quote Originally Posted by peyperj View Post
    Hi guys I want to make a 8m extension lead for my dad's 2 x 55w solar panels to his National Luna box.

    Is 6mm sufficient?

    The golden rule is 6 Ampere maximum per mm2. 6 mm2 is a little rough, but at last you don't have losses. Are the panels in serial then you will only have 4 to 5 Ampere, if the panels are parallel you running at 8 to 10 Ampere Copper is per 100 meter for 6mm2 diameter 0,26 Ohm per 100 meter. By running 10 Ampere you lose 2 TIMES 2,6 Volt per 100 meter. For a 18,8 Volt output and 2 panels parallel 8 -10 Ampere you lose only about 0,5 Volt maximum . When they are in serial half of that. Not a problem

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    Thanks alot guys.

    Got 6mm solar cable at a very good price from Consortium Cables in Cape Town.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyko View Post

    Wire is made multi-stranded to make it more flexible.

    At radio frequencies you get 'skin effect' whereby the current flows mostly near the surface of the conductor. I can assure you you won't experience skin effect in your fridge wiring.
    Thanks Fyko, i was about to reply regarding the "skin-effect" that is only applicable in RF and that it will have no effect on your circuit at 12V. Even with music frequencies it wont be an issue.

    Some "sales peoples" or should i say "sales poephols" have adopted the term skin-effect to suit their sales objectives and fool the unaware or those who simply don't know.

    If there is one thing that i can take from my father, that is to play the fool when dealing with sales people, your learn quickly when they want to try and pull a fast one on you.
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    2.5 is more than enough. You will only drop 1.05v if you start off with 20v over 10 m and .26v if you use 10mm. That is a total of 0.7v more loss from 2.5 to 10mm cable
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