South African Radio League QRP Contests
1. Aim
The QRP contests are intended to be fun activities to promote QRP operation between radio amateurs. Using homebuilt equipment or operating as a portable/field station and using temporary antennas is encouraged, but is not a requirement.
2. Dates and times
2.4 Spring – from 12:00 to 15:00 UTC Saturday 12 October 2019
3. General Info
3.1 Modes: SSB and CW
3.2 Power: 5 watts (PEP) output or less
3.3 A station may be worked once per band per mode.
3.4 There are no antenna restrictions.
4. Frequency
4.1 The first hour is limited to the 40-m band only, the remaining two hours the contesters are free to use any HF (non-WARC) band as they see fit.
4.2 Comply with the contest-preferred segments as detailed in the general rules.
4.3 It would be advantageous to use the standard QRP calling frequencies as the starting point.
5. Exchange
5.1 RS(T) and Grid locator
5.2 Please consider exchanging realistic RS(T) signal reports.
5.3 Please use the full 6- character grid locator. e.g. KG43EU.
5.4 If the station’s grid locator is unknown, then use some other means that identifies the station’s location: e.g. the name of the closest town or city e.g. Gerdau or 25 km NW of Aberdeen.
5.5 With DX contacts the locator information can be omitted, the RS(T) will suffice as the minimum required exchange as per the general rules
6. QSO Points
Each contact counts 1 point.
The 17th SARL Blue Book
2019 SARL Contest Manual – Blue Book P a g e | 46
7. Multipliers
7.1 Prefix / Country multiplier
7.1.1 Each South African call area 0 through 9 counts as a multiplier
7.1.2 Each DXCC country worked counts as a multiplier.
7.2 Station type multiplier
7.2.1 Home stations x 1.
7.2.2 Portable stations x 2.
7.2.3 Ultra-light portable field station x 3.
7.2.4 Homebrew stations (picture is imperative) x 3
7.2.5 The definitions listed in the General Rules define the above stations types accurately
7.2.6 A mobile station will be treated as a field station
7.2.7 A portable station not meeting the requirements as a field station will be treated as a home station.
7.2.8 Ultra-light portable field station must comply with all the field station criteria, but the operator must carry the entire station, antenna included to the operating site. The distance carried must not be less than 1 km.
8. Score
Score = (QSO points) x (Prefix multiplier) x (Station multiplier) x (Homebrew)