Info needed- Bundu Trail, Rust de Winter

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    Default Info needed- Bundu Trail, Rust de Winter

    Good day Gents

    A quick question for those who have done the Bundu trail @ Rust de Winter. How is the trail and is it a difficult trail for a "rookie"?. I see they say it is a 3 to 4 out of 5 rating. I am rather new to 4x4ing, done only a couple of training courses and a few small trails eg de Wildt. I do not want to damage my vehicle if the trail is to difficult. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I drive the new Triton 4x4 with standard ground clearance.
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    Default Re: Info needed- Bundu Trail, Rust de Winter

    Hi Tiaan, did you eventually go do this trail? I have left my details with a very nice lady and they confirmed they have a booking open for the 04th of October. Im in the same boat as you as my vehicle is also standard but just much older, 2.5 Triton 2009 4x4. I watched some videos on YouTube and it seems very difficult, unless there are bypasses to some of the obstacles.

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    Default Re: Info needed- Bundu Trail, Rust de Winter

    Itís been quite a few years since Iíve done the bundu trail.

    Also booked for the weekend of the 4th Oct

    The not-so-standard FJ will do duty and I am really looking forward to the challenge.
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    Default Re: Info needed- Bundu Trail, Rust de Winter

    The trail is tough, but there are only 2 or three really difficult obstacles with potential to break a vehicle, and these have bypasses.

    The guides rust de winter are excellent and will see to it that you make it through in one piece.

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