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    Default SA Touring- HOT SPOTS

    Clearly, there is an issue in Umtata as is evident from the specific thread published by this community.

    It is shocking to think that our community is being preyed upon and we need a single source of information so that we can determine the extent of the problem and bring it to the attention of the authorities. Currently, reports of this nature are recorded across a number of platforms relegating them to ''isolated'' incidents which wont receive attention or warn the community as a whole.

    Following on to the Umtata thread, please register the SA crime hot spots regardless of area or region, here, in one place as a single point of reference for the community. If we make a stand on this we can, at the very least, bring attention to the problem.

    These are areas where:

    1. Items are stolen off the vehicle and or trailer
    2. Trailers are unhitched
    3. Attempts at opening of doors or hatches are made.
    4. Scams when parked such as a person informing you of a problem at the rear of your vehicle or rig and an accomplice then steals from inside the vehicle
    5. Vandalism of vehicle/trailer takes place
    6. Theft at campsites takes place
    7. Informal/illegal road blocks or blocking of the road takes place

    Please use the below as a template:

    Region/Province/ Locale (Town or Place):
    Incident Type: (Use heading in bold Italics above for this, to assist with sorting and compiling a data base):
    Date of Incident:
    Time of Incident:
    Location of Incident( Street, place, co-ordinates)

    Description of Incident:

    Steps taken: Reported to authorities

    Follow-up: Follow-up or feedback received on the incident from authorities or other
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    Default Re: SA Touring- HOT SPOTS

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    23/09/2019 10:00

    Ikemeleng / Rustenburg

    Vermy die pad tussen Kroondal en Waterfal by Ikemeleng as gevolg van protesoptrede. Maak asseblief van alternatiewe roete gebruik.
    Vermy asb die area.

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    Avoid the road between Kroondal and Waterfall at Ikemeleng due to protest action. Please make use of alternative route.
    Avoid the area

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