Some older V6 Touareg questions

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    Default Some older V6 Touareg questions

    Hi all

    New to the forums (I've been reading and found lots of interesting info over the years, but first time posting). I bought a 2006 V6 TDi Touareg with 200k KMS on back in 2016. All services from day 1 done by VW and turbo and injectors replaced by VW just before I bought the car.

    I absolutely love this car. We don't tow often, but were forced to some time ago when a transport contractor dropped us the day before moving, and I was absolutely amazed.

    Since I bought the vehicle, 3 issues have come up, and if anyone has any info, I'd really appreciate it! I am a diesel mechanic and I have always done my own maintenance, but I am a yacht engineer now and working abroad, so I just don't want to spend my time at home diagnosing issues, but if someone can point me in the right direction, I'd like to try the jobs myself.

    1. The car is hard to start when the temp is between 7 and 18 degrees. Starts fine below 7 and over 18. My thinking is that the sensor that tells the ecu the actual temp is off by a few degrees. As such, the glow plugs do come on when it's really cold, but not when it's above 7 degrees. In other words, the car "thinks" it's 20 degrees, but it's only 10, so the glow plugs don't come on (or not long enough) even though they need to. Up until now, I've had the vehicle to 4 specialists including the agents and I have spent about R8k replacing the battery and starter (to appease the agents who insisted that this is the problem, even though my 25 years of experience told me otherwise), testing the injectors and compression and having many electronic diagnostics run. All of this has happen over the phone with me in the USA or Europe, so a really frustrating experience. The outside temp readout on the dash is correct, btw.

    2. The gearbox (auto) was perfect, and then started shifting hard between 4th and 5th (common apparently). It then started kinda 'slipping' into 3rd, i.e. there were 2 distinct "stages"of drop in engine speed when changing from 2nd to 3rd. Then it started slipping when in 3rd and accelerating hard and shifting harshly into 4th. From the info I have found it seems like cleaning out and fitting a kit in the valve body should cure this (unless the clutches have been damaged already). I'll do this somewhere in the next 2 weeks. I still have my old workshop with full equipment and a lift available and I already have the kit, so shouldn't be too much of an effort. I see the recommended oil to use is Fuchs Titan ATF 4400 instead of the distilled unicorn tears sold by VW. Any and all suggestions welcome.

    3. The engine runs perfectly when cold, but after 5 minutes, the "EXHAUST WORKSHOP" warning is displayed and the engine runs at constant idle speed, but the exhaust goes "voom voom voom". I found that the dump valve opens and shuts about once a second. VW insist that the intake manifolds, the injectors and the turbo need to be replaced, which I think is absolute horse s***. The car runs normally once above 2200rpm and the difference in fuel consumption is hardly noticeable, but the sound is really irritating in traffic and the performance in city driving is impaired. Any advice on this one?

    Then a last question? What is the real world fuel consumption of other drivers? I get about 7km/L in town and never more than 9 on the road at 140.



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    Default Re: Some older V6 Touareg questions

    Hi Phil,

    Cannot help you with the technical stuff, but can confirm that your consumption is OK.
    I average about 8.5km/l over now more than 50k km. That includes towing.

    In town, 7 to 7.5
    Open road at a true 125km/h - 9km/l
    Towing at 110-115km/h - 7.5km/l
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    Default Re: Some older V6 Touareg questions

    used to own a 2007 V6 Treg

    1. could also be the starter motor. You can try switching the ignition on (do not start) and then off again after a few seconds, then on again and start. I found that helped
    2. I had success with the solenoid recon kit but it is not a guaranteed fix. At the cost its worth a shot.
    3. Does the car still have its cat? Relatively easy to get out, I just cut it open gutted the cat and welded it back up. No sensors after the cat to worry about.

    I averaged 13.4l/100km (7.4km/l) with enthusiastic mixed driving so your consumption is in the ballpark. Your right foot does make a big difference when driving a 2ton SUV.
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    Default Re: Some older V6 Touareg questions

    I had a 2006 BKS V6 TDI and had the same problems: 1 & 3 as described.

    1. starter motor is the common consensus for the long crank problem- however, it needs to be the upgraded version 2.2kw. Otherwise the battery life is reduced due to long cranking.
    3. Exhaust workshop is most likely the intake manifold runner flaps that are worn, or possible the throttle body if it was not changed before. I changed one and it helped for a while but then it came back, common consensus is to have the error mapped out as it does not affect performance or consumption. ( runner flaps that is)

    as Mullerza has already mentioned, it helps to switch the ignition on for about 10 seconds ( until your volt meter goes to around 13V then crank- this usually cuts down the cranking time.

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