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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisFors View Post
    The only problem I know of with LC Batteries is the charging regime. You need to have a properly staged system that gives a final top-up at 14.7 volts, otherwise they do not charge fully and this can cause damage in the longer term. .....
    There have been claims about this, but they happily charge up at 13.6-13.8V. These voltages are even recommended on the batteries themselves. We've been doing this for years on LC batteries on highsites without a problem.
    Mike Lauterbach

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalDriver View Post
    Example? Lithium? They sound great, but the price is out of reach for most.
    i would not confirm nor deny your statement.. as the use for lithium is not portable power ( cost vs use too expensive)
    use is for OFF GRID power.. not back up power.

    ANY lead acid battery has inherited the same flaw as there predecessors.... internal resistance.. some more some less.. but its still there.

    you buy what you can afford .. for the purpose.

    from tubular ( maintainable )
    to Valve regulated gel ( supposedly non maintainable )

    my 2c

    adding to my comment.. if I had nice deep pockets.. ill install lion batteries.. however the charging system ( if connected to my car ) will have to be altered..or actually just removed.. I will feel safer
    else best way is to have its own standalone AC charger when at home or campsite that has power and naturally its own solar charger.. incidental the solar charger system can be 3 x smaller than for LA.. as there is hardly any losses between charge and discharge..

    2.5c now.. lol

    sorry a bit more.. I actually run live ( real live test) on batteries .. low amps, high amps combination etc.. So what you take out (and how) and vs what ( and how) you put back into the battery effect the batt life span big time...
    if one uses a non inverter based setup.. ( LOW AMPS) lead acid lead crystal , crystal meth, they will last you years.. as long as you discharge AND then recharge them correctly.. also maintain your terminals and cables.. and test and check your charging system.. too much .. too fast.. even worse than running a battery flat.

    3c.. ok im done.
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