I replaced the timing belt on the 1.9 TDi a few times without issues. Last night I did the belt on the 1.2 Bluemotion, engine CFWA. when I start it, the glow plug flashes. I drove it around 25km today without feeling any real difference. The I borrowed my BiL's VCDS. I get the P0341 00 [248] - Implausible Signal error. The possible causes are, wiring, sensor stuffed and timing being out. It re-appears immediately if I start the car again.Now on my 2L 16v it used to be a pain to do timing belts as you were almost always a tooth out on the first attempt.I have now re-checked the timing three times. When the crank is locked (with the proper tool), the pin goes through the slots in the cam sprocket and pulley, into the head, this I have verified with pictures. Pictures are however scarce of how the initiator plate and cam sensor should be in relation to each other, but I seriously doubt it will off. For the life of me I cannot comprehend how timing can be out on this engine if the lock and pin lines up, or am I missing something?The other highly unlikely scenario is that the sensor gave up the ghost the day I replaced the belt?