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    Default Kalahari & Zambezi Ecosystem

    When we travel one of the things we enjoy is getting a sense of the general ecosystem environment we are visiting. This includes the general geological and ecological interactions, both local and regional in perspective of where we are going.

    We are soon traveling to Liuwa Plains and Kasanka National Park.

    There is a wealth of information on the Bat ecology in Zambia. The same applies for the ecosystem of the upper Zambezi (wiki is a great place to start)

    However, the geology the upper Zambezi is sparse on the interwebs. It seems Sioma falls is a key area where the edge of the Kalahari Basin meets the outcrop of the falls.

    However I cannot find much information on the formation of the Kalahari Basin and the upper Zambezi, other than the Kalahari Basin being formed as a result of uplift to what is the current west of Africa.

    Does anyone else have an interest in the reading about the general environment that they visit ?

    Also does anyone have any info on the general geology of the Kalahari and Zambezi areas?
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