Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

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    Default Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

    We want to combine a 4 week Kgalagadi trip with a 2 week CKGR trip next year.
    Today I managed to make a booking for Kgalagadi from mid February to mid March.
    I know February can be challenging but we would prefer to first go CKGR than Kgalagadi.
    What's your opinion, does it make a difference visiting CKGR beginning of February or mid March?
    I know it's not the best time due to rainy season, but later in the year, Kgalagadi is full and business wise, we need to be back before winter.

    Next question, are these still the actual campsite numbers? I've attached a screenshot from Stan's trip report.

    Tnx a lot in advance

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    Default Re: Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

    We had a few summers whereas CKGR was inundated with rains and turned into a quagmire. I must say it is more the exception than the rule but it happens.
    Normally this is around Jan-Feb if the ground gets saturated and then the tracks become waterways.
    From that point of view it would be safer to travel mid March.

    On the other hand, CKGR can be very rewarding with blossoms and greeneries attracting al the grazers and subsequently the predators, so there is no reasons not to go this time of the year.

    Check out this link for a friend of mine who did most of his shootings in CKGR during the summer period.

    Yes, he got stuck as well and needed the park officials with a trekker to rescue them.
    It is a while back but meanwhile we had more such reports.

    As for the campsites, I cannot comment but doubt they have changed the designation.
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    Default Re: Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

    Here is a map with all the campsite codes. Up to date as far as I know.
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    Default Re: Central Kalahari Game Reserve advice needed

    They definitely still have the numbers - and the numbers are reflected in T4A maps, and on the signs in the park.

    Have not been that time of year - so can't help with the question about the rains and roads.

    Saw Motopi listed there in your screenshot - we stayed there and found the road to and from the Sunday Pan/Deception Pan area (the cut road which goes straight west and then north) to be atrocious. Overgrown, corrugated, soft sand. We were pulling a caravan - which made the ride worse - but it was not a pleasant drive. On top of that, the waterhole was broken. Certainly would hope it is fixed by now.

    Wonderful place!! Have fun!


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