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    Hey guys.

    Iím thinking of buying a ikamper rtt.

    I wonít keep it on my vehicle all the time.

    Do you think people would rent it from me when Iím not using it?

    How much would you rent something like that out per night ?



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    Hmmmm........... not sure of market for renting RTTs.

    But for a rental rate, there are a number of options that you could use to determine a rate. The most simplistic approach would be to lets say recoup the cost of the item over a defined period, say 5 years.

    In this instance, you want to have, possibly, a daily rate but you wont be able to rent the RTT every day. Its then a case of taking a stab at how many days a year you think you will be able to rent it out. So, simplistically, Cost/5 and then this result/the days you think you can rent it out per year.

    This might or might not be exorbitant. Alternatively, peg it at the average rate of companies that do this.

    Some complexity enters in if you consider insurance via a company or a self-insured portion added to the rate.
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