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I have installed 6 S/S tanks in the past inside the wheel arches of the old Hilux Bakkies (this unused space accepts 63 liters water total) plus one tank in the loading bay of a Cruiser. I went the same way as Wandering Soul: when the water flows out of the top vent pipe, the tank is full. VERY IMPORTANT that the vent SHALL be larger than the inlet as the Municipal water of ~600 KPa will burst the tank. The Outlet Valve I install behind the wheel flap to eliminate any mechanical damage. Use a ball or needle valve with a Gardena fitting which stays put. No pumps and no wires/switches to give trouble - use gravity: Keep it simple.

The smaller the outlet valve the longer the water lasts: people open fully and the water runs to ground - suggest to clear this with your client. If you go the ball valve route, ensure the handle is lockable/latchable as a brush/dog could/will bump it open. Why I prefer a needle valve due to less chance to bump open and is a definite water saver (intentional rotate to activate).

I will try and send some snappies.
Thanks for all the input. I am going to have to go with a pump set up though as the client wants the tank under the trailer and they are putting in a cabinet / counter with a small wash basin in the trailer.