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Hi everyone

So as an update, I have decided to go with the SX4 after all. After another test drive and thorough inspection, I found the SX4 to be exactly what I need for city driving, with minimal occasional off-road usage such as rough dirt roads and loose sand. On top of that, the model I am getting is in superb condition and handles 100x better than the Duster in the city, where I will be doing most of my driving.

If I needed something for doing any real off-roading, the Duster would definitely have been my top pick. But for my needs, the SX4 ticks all of the right boxes. Thanks for all of the really great responses and informative discussion. I will keep the forum updated with any updates (and post a picture of the beast once I have collected it, of course ).
Any feedback as I am looking into a few options and this is one of the vehicles on my list?