Trip Report - Skeleton Coast, Several Dirt Passes and More Southern Namibia

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    Default Trip Report - Skeleton Coast, Several Dirt Passes and More Southern Namibia

    Hi folkses. Since I spent most of the time travelling in Namibia this time, I thought I'd post this here.


    Edit: Gathered the completed PDF is not visible in the Forum App or Tapatalk. Download it here:

    The PDF is basically just a version of the trip report I filed for the Patrol Forum over here

    To quote from the overview:

    I was lucky enough to recently to be assigned to a project in Windhoek. A little bit of negotiation, and I managed to arrange that I drive through and I'd be reimbursed for petrol money up until the sum of what the flights would have cost...

    Worked with a reason - because, since I'd be stuck there over the weekend, I'd head up North on the weekend and then head back to Windhoek to finish the project. After this I'd take the scenic route back to Brits via the great nothing of Southern Namibia. However, this trip was particularly long. Between my weekend sojourns and my trip back, I spent 15 days travelling (this excludes the time I was there for work), so I'll probably post the trip report in several installments over the next couple of days. This post can therefore be assumed to be a place-holder for the thread and I'll post the bits and pieces as things progress as I get around to typing them up.

    The actual route I travelled over this period is as follows:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some technical details. I was a little in two minds about posting consumption figures, as my non-Patrol-owning acquaintances have indicated that I'm stark raving mad, but hey it was posted on the Patrol forum. We know they're not exactly light on fuel...

    Vehicle: GU Patrol 4.5 GRX. Loaded for bear. Roof Top Tent, gas bottle, 45L water tank and double jerry cans on the roof and both spare wheels on the back bumper.
    Total Distance Travelled: 5639km
    Litres 95 Octane Petrol Consumed: 1169,18 L
    Worst Fuel Consumption: 3,69 km/L
    Best Fuel Consumption: 6,26km/L
    Average Fuel Consumption: 4,79km/L
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    Default Re: Trip Report - Skeleton Coast, Several Dirt Passes and More Southern Namibia

    Thanks so much for taking the time out and share!
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