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    Hi guys thanks for letting me join you.
    A series of back operations removed me rather permanently from a big love in my life - motorbikes and the beautiful back roads in our country. So plan B had to follow - four wheels. I started looking around for something that is capable off road, but not too big, preferably diesel and automatic gearbox. - my clutch foot is also effected by the back problems. This left me with a very few options but to make a long story short I started looking for a low mileage Pajero 3.2Di-D. Eventually I found a a generation 4 SWB with the "new" spec 140 kw engine, 70 000 km on the clock and full franchise service record. Now I am looking forward to see it it will and can take me to the places my two wheels took me. Beginning of a new adventure as they say. So far I am enjoying the shortie very much with a trip to the Kalahari and Namaqua Park, Hondeklipbaai done recently. Great fun, fuel economy unfortunately not in the same league as my motorbike but on the up side, more than enough room for my wife to come along plus the ability to tow something, maybe a bush wagon later!

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    Welcome Emile, glad you got a nice capable vehicle, hope you enjoy it, enjoy your trekking
    Audi A6 Avant Quattro V6 tdi ( Sold )
    VW Touareg V6 tdi ( sadly written off )
    2 x Toyota Celica GT4 Gen 6 (Sold) sadly missed
    2 x Toyota Celica Gen. 5 ( Sold ) not missed as much as the above.

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