Hi All

I am really stuck, but know someone here would be able to give me some advice. We are planning a trip to from Cape Town to CKGR this September (yes, I know it's last minute, but hopefully we can make it work). We have been to Moremi, Savuti, Chobe 2 years ago and did it in 10 days. We were thinking to do the same for CKGR. The original plan was:

20 Sept: Upington (just because we have free accommodation here)
21 Sept: Ghanzi - Thakadu Bush Camp
22 Sept: Xade
23+24 Sept: Piper Pan
25 Sept: Passarge
26+27 Sept: Sunday Pan
28 Sept: Khama Rhino Sanctuary Camp
29 Sept: Upington

This however is now compromised by Piper Pan and Passarge not being available for our dates. Deception and Sunday Pans are. The option now is to still do Xade and then drive up to Deception (which is a looooong and sandy road I believe) spend 2 nights there and then 3 at Sunday Camp before we head to Khama.

Or we can leave Ghanzi and basically drive around the reserve and enter at Matswere gate which is not too far from Deception (skipping Xade and then score 1 day). I know it's still far, but compared to the drive from Xade to Deception?? This means we have an extra day and can then spend 2 days at Khama which I see many recommend.

I would really appreciate any feedback!