Good day I am currently driving a 2.6I mazda 4X4 really nice bakkie. I currently drive with G/Y Wranglers at/sa with the standard size 215R15 which is only a 28" tire. And like any 4X4 driver I would like to go to biger wheels after these are finished. I fitted my fathers one wheel(32") and it had enough clearance everywhere even on flex. I think I will settle for a 31X10.5R15 but how wil my power be because we all know the 2.6 isnt realy a race horse? I am not in a hurry ever but it would still be nice to achieve 120km/h every now and then.

Also what is a good AT tyre to look at for not too exspensive and preverably a LT.
Thanks any answers would be apreciated!