Seeking Border Crossing Advice (Police Clearances and more)

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    Default Seeking Border Crossing Advice (Police Clearances and more)

    Hi everyone, first time Overlander here, long time African traveller looking for advice on border crossing admin stuff. I'm just getting a lot of mixed feedback on the nuts and bolts of the paperwork needed to move my vehicle from SA to Namibia, through Caprivi to Zambia, then onto Tanzania with final destination being Nairobi.

    Namibia seems to be straight-forward and with no issues. But Zambia and potentially others are a bit hazy so ANY advice or Border Crossing tips are appreciated, specifically when it comes to the Police Clearance for the Toyota Hilux which is financed by TFS. I am getting that paperwork from them but this Police Clearance I am struggling with SAPS.


    Is a police clearance necessary for travel in all these countries?If it's required, are there any border posts which are more or less likely to ask for it?
    In SA is a police clearance issued for travel or is it only for exporting a vehicle? (This is where I'm getting lots of mixed feedback)
    Who issues a police clearance? Is it SAPS or the traffic department? (they seem to not know)
    How long does it take to get and can you get them in any town? (my vehicle is registered from EC but I am presently in NC, SAPS is saying I must go back to Graaff Reinet to get some Notice at my registering authority but what even does that specifically mean? And if I'm not formally "exporting" the vehicle because it's still financed in SA so I can only get 6 months out of SA granted (will have to do actual export once it's paid off) is this even applicable or is SAPS advising me of the correct paperwork needed?

    THANK YOU so much, I figured seasoned veterans here on this forum were my best bet. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to interacting with this group more online now that I have a proper 4x4

    Baie Dankie / Asante Sana!

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    Default Re: Seeking Border Crossing Advice (Police Clearances and more)

    My own experience ( and lots of crossings into and out of Zambia) is that the police clearance is only required at Chirundu border with Zim (Interpol requirement supposedly). Even there I have got though twice without....most recently 3 weeks ago. At Kasane, Vic Falls or Katima you do not normally require this although persons have reported being asked for one. You must for sure have bank letters etc if not in your name and permissions etc from owner/s - including trailers/boats etc!!

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    Default Re: Seeking Border Crossing Advice (Police Clearances and more)

    I found this on the Forum which may help. For travel north of Zambia I would not take a chance without Police Clearance. This you get from certain vehicle testing stations.
    Also remember to get third party insurance. COMESA.

    Border posts can be daunting, confusing and may even frustrate you but no worries, you’ll have a good chance of success if you heed the following.
    • Keep everything together. A simple folder for all your important documents will help you not to lose any paperwork.
    • Have all your documents in order ready to hand in to the border official to avoid scrambling and time-wasting.
    • Be patient and smile. This will help make the procedure go smoothly without annoying the person who has the power to give you access. No matter how frustrated you get, try to smile. A positive attitude goes a long way at any border.
    • Ask for the maximum amount of days possible – you could end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre and not be able to return in time.
    • Don’t overstay your visa; this will cause serious problems at the border when trying to leave.
    • Take a pen. Pens are in short supply at most border posts. This will help you fill out the paperwork faster without having to wait.
    • Be friendly, polite and respectful to the border officials. You are a guest in someone else’s country. Remove your caps, hate and sunglasses when talking to them.
    • Don’t be intimidated; stand your ground, if, for example, you are in line and locals push in front of you. Ask them to please respect your place in the line; but don’t become aggressive.
    • With valuables, expensive gear and cash – you’re a great target for crooks. Keep an eye on your stuff. Border crossings can be rife with thieves and pickpockets.
    • Try to leave someone with the vehicle. The driver always has to do most of the paperwork and the passenger only the immigration part, so take it in turns to stay.
    • If you travel alone, trust your gut and move it to a safer locale if you deem it necessary.

    To drive legally in Zambia – you must acquire an International Driving Permit. The IDP is a translation of your national driving license and allows motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries. Be sure to carry both your IDP and national driving license with you at all times.
    You will need a police clearance to drive any vehicle across any of our SADC borders. This must be organized in advance of your travels.
    Take you original vehicle and/or trailer registration papers with you. Certified copies are also acceptable at most border posts.
    If your vehicle is financed, then the licence papers must be accompanied by a letter from the finance institution, in which they give you authorisation to take the vehicle across the border. If these aren’t the originals, they must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.
    If you’re not the registered owner of the vehicle you’re driving, you must carry an affidavit from the ownergiving you authorisation to take the vehicle into Zambia. Again, such an affidavit must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.
    Have your vehicle papers on hand at all times as roadblocks are fairly frequent.
    If you hire a vehicle you will need additional information which you should receive from your car hire company.
    • Temporary Import Permit (TIP) acquired at points of entry
    • Third party insurance (COMESA insurance) valid for Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe
    • Carbon Pollution Tax (dependant on engine capacity)
    • Road access fee (paid on entry) valid for one year
    • Council levy (paid on entry and exit)

    • Red warning triangle x2
    • Red and white reflective tape
    • Red and white T-sign (if towing a trailer)
    • Fire extinguisher (if carrying extra fuel)

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    Default Re: Seeking Border Crossing Advice (Police Clearances and more)

    You only need to Micro Dot your vehicle if you are exporting it.

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