Security through Beitbridge?

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    Default Security through Beitbridge?

    Hi guys,
    Going up to Zim next month in my Hilux single cab bakkie, no canopy. I've got to take a whole lot of supplies for my niece's wedding and I'm concerned about security at the border post. Will a cargo net be of any use? Any other ideas?
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    Your best option would be to try and park so your vehicle is in clear view of the emigration offices, even if you have to wait for a gap, then select one of the people who will approach you to look after the vehicle, get his name and take his picture and promise a good reward if all is in order on your return.

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    You’ll have to park close to Passport control. There were long queues July 2018 when we went through. And a lot of dodgy characters hanging around.
    We had to turn back because we did not have bank ownership forms and insurance forms, as it was Saturday afternoon. Monday morning it took 30 minutes to arrange for it and got them e-mailed then printed at postnet.
    So the first control point will be passport and immigration control where you will have to enter a building and leave your car outside. After this you go through Police checkpoint on SA side where they will confirm vehicle papers matches. Then you cross the Limpopo on Beit bridge. You will enter the immigration and passport control building on the right while parking your car outside. Then you need to cross the road to do a police clearance. Police did not accept the electronic copies I had. Asked my family to leave the office and the police official got angry with me because of the electronic copy.
    After a couple of minutes and ranting and raving they let me go.
    Customs then checked the contents of our vehicle for import goods but we only had camping gear etc.
    I had to buy rectangle Red and White reflector stickers. Also you need a fire extinguisher and reflector vest.
    I was not asked to show any of this at the multiple road block from Beitbridge to Vic falls via Masvingo and Bulawayo.

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    I drive often through Umtata with a open trailer and bakkie.

    • First don't use one rope, if they cut the one rope you are forced to stop to secure the load. Favourite hijacking plot in the Transkei.
    • use many ropes, the more the merrier.
    • use a canvas cover under a cargo net. It covers the load so you can't see what you are carrying - net makes it difficult to get to the load.
    • use a combination of ropes and straps. it confuses them.
    • use many ropes,,,,
    • make it time consuming to get to the load.
    • make sure you can see the load. i.e. a passenger can jump on the back and start cutting ropes while moving.
    • watch out for delays at the border or when you stop, a delay that takes you out of sight of the bakkie.
    • did I mention use lots of separate ropes.

    and use common sense when parking.

    I once placed and secured a shutter board over the bin to make it a closed bin with a secure lid.

    I have seen loads being removed in Umtata while you drive. And they stand at the robots in groups to remove stuff off the bakkies, with me when I drive past they look and wait for the next load to drive past, too difficult to get to the load. I have seen ropes cut at one robot and the load removed at the next robot! I have only had ropes cut once, to try get to an aluminium extension ladder, it was secured with many ropes, I did not stop to retie the load.

    At the border the driver has to stand in the one queue for a long time. Get your passenger to do the passport stamping quickly and go stand outside. We did bots and zim on a bike, and my wife sat by the bike while I was inside.

    However you will likely be searched at the border, so you will have to untie and retie many knots, so tie it so it can be untied and cover "rolled" off and back on again.
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