Around Botswana September - October 2019

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    Question Around Botswana September - October 2019

    Hi All,
    My wife and I have planned and booked a 55 day trip around Botswana, entering via Pont Drift Sept 4 and leaving via Bokspits Oct 20. We have a 2013 Freelander 2 SD4 with added Bash Plates and external wheel carrier and are happy travelling alone having done Namibia extensively several times.

    This will be our first driving trip through Botswana and we would be happy for any recent updates on road conditions, specifically:

    • Entry into CKGR (Deception Valley) from Rakops
    • The road(s) between Khwai and Moremi. T4A gives around 200km and 5 hours but the Sandridge Road is notorious, especially for us “softies”. We carry full recovery kit, are happy on sand and really do not want to do the 800km+ alternative via Nata
    • Shakakwe to Tsodilo Hills
    • The road to Gcwihaba Caves that leaves the A35 at Nokaneng and follows the Namibian border after Dobe. It looks shorter to drive to/from Gcwihaba from the A35 from the junction at S20 07.067 E22 22.292.
    • From Hukuntsi to Mabua Gate. T4A shows 150 km and 3 hours
    • From Mabua Gate to Tsabong – some on the forum have said this road is not good and has deep sand.

    If anyone else will be travelling at the same time and would like to meet please let me know.

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    Default Re: Around Botswana September - October 2019

    If you are happy to drive sand tracks then you should be fine.
    Deflate enough and keep momentum when possible, but be aware on single tracks that there could be onward traffic.

    I am not sure about the 200 kms between Khwai and Moremi, the actual stretch is about 40 kms.
    If you are talking "Sandridge road" then I think you mean Khwai and Chobe via Savuti, this will be a tricky one as lots of deep ruts with broken twigs and bumpy stretches will compromise the momentum and require slow approach.
    Slow and deep sand normally asks for low range, so there she goes.
    Count on traffic there and the need to leave the single track to cross other vehicles possibly towing.
    Main issue on all single tracks.
    This time of the year will be hot and dry so sand tracks are more treacherous.

    Good luck and expect some fun 8)
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    Default Re: Around Botswana September - October 2019

    You are quite right it is Khwai to Chobe via Savuti. The distance from Khwai Safari Grounds to Munchenje as given by T4A is 193 km and 5 hours but we could not get a booking in Savuti so have to do the full stretch in one. Thanks for the response.

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    The road from Shakawe to Tsodilo Hills is fine. Enjoy the visit, we fiund it very worthwile. Be prepared for some walking with a guide.

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