Botswana Trip July 2009 - help needed

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    Hi everyone!
    We have been planning a trip to Botswana in July, but it seems we have left it too late, as when I phoned the Botswana DNPW at the beginning of March they said ALL camps in Chobe and Moremi were full! DO you think it's still worth doing the trip even though we may not be able to camp in the parks themselves? We really want to be amongst the wild...
    Anyway, here is our planned routing, maybe the seasoned Botswana travellers can suggest some other camping alternatives for the places where we don't have accommodation yet?? Any criticism on our planned route is also welcome!

    It is as follows:
    18th July: JHB to Martins Drift
    Staying at Kwa Nogeng Lodge - Booked
    19th July: Martins Drift to Lekhubu Island - Booked
    20th July: to Gweta
    Staying at Gweta Lodge - Booked
    21st July: to Shorobe
    Staying at Kaziikini - Booked
    22nd July: to Moremi
    wanted to stay at Third Bridge but all public camps in Moreme full, any suggestions?
    24th July: to Chobe
    wanted to stay at Savute Camp but same problem as above, any alternatives?
    26th July: wanted to go to Ihaha, any other suggestions?
    29th July: to Nata Bird Sanctuary - no booking necessary
    31st July: to Stevensford Game Reserve - Booked
    Then home

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    Go into Moremi and Savuti as a day visit then just stay over. Camp where you want but leave pitching up late in case that particular camp site is taken (unlikely) When you leave the park, must be before 11 am or they will charge you an extra for the overnight. If they give you any grief, just say you broke down......what else could you do? I know a lot of people will sound off at this attitude but if you did manage to book a site, you would find it occupied by such a fly camper, anyway. I know, I always book well in advance and it always happens to me. Don't try this at Ihaha, it is always genuinely booked and is near the gate; it's likely you would be slung out of the park. There is good camping in Kasane and you can day trip in from that end.

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