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    Default Overland Durban to Dar es Salaam

    Hi There

    I wonder if the seasoned travellers on the forum could offer me some tips/advice/suggestions regarding the following?

    I am planning on travelling from Durban to Dar during end April /early May with my Defender 110 TD5. I am hoping to do the trip in 5 - 6 days and would like advice on the easiest/safest/quickest route.

    Would it be better to travel:
    1. via Botswana
    2. Via Zimbabwe

    I would also appreciate any info on Guesthouses/lodges, etc.. in the respective countries on the route so that I can overnight there.

    Any other info would be appreciated

    Thank you



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    Hi Graham,

    Strikes me that from Durbs your shortest route would be Durban - Ponta - Maputo - Tete - Blantyre - Lilongwe - Mbeya - Dar. That way you only have the Ponta to Maputo stretch offroad, and that is fairly quick to cover (and you could always go via Jo'burg/Komatipoort) only the ferry crossing from Catembe to Maputo that could slow you down, although I'm not sure what the road conditions are like north of Inhambane at the moment, as it's been a while since I drove that. Perhaps post a query on the Mozambique section?

    At a rough guess, the distance would be roughly the same as going via Harare and then through the Tete Corridor to Malawi, but with one less country and border crossings to get through.

    Unless you have a burning desire to do the Botswana - Zambia route, I can't see that it makes sense if you're in a hurry. You will get slowed down by the ferry crossing at Kazangulu. Also, there are two badly potholed sections of road on that route - the stretch in Botswana leading to Pandamatenga and the stretch between Livingstone and Zimba.

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    Hi Tony

    Thanks for the info. I will most certainly check that route out on my maps.

    I will also enquire about the status of the roads in Moz on the Moz thread.

    Thanks again



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    ... and a third badly (but not as basd as the livingstone part)-potholed section if you take the Great north, morte particularly the strech between Serenge and Mpika.

    Never the less, whenever you deside tot take the Botswana-Zambia strech the following overnights in Zambia could be worthfull:
    - Gwembe safaris on the Livingstone-Kafue road
    - Eureka camp site near Lusaka
    - Forest inn on the great North road some 60 km from Kapiri Mposhi
    - Kapishya hotsprings near Shiwa ngandu, some 30 minutes off the Great North road but a marvellous and relaxing stopover.

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