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I am not so much worried about the Kevlar, although it would be nice to have. I find it interesting to see people's opinion on tyres, usually reinforced by their own experience and sometimes also that of others.1. I have had 5 sets of Conti's over the years. Got 95 000+ km on every set, 2 flat wheels caused by pop rivet stems picked up in my driveway. My fault!2. Dunlop something or other - lasted all of about 25 000 km3. Pirelli's which made it into the 30 000's before sidewall damage/failure forced me to replace them4. Bought my first Isuzu 280TDi with Yokohama's. Lovely tyre, frightening in the wet5. Firestone Destination suffered serious tread delamination and were replaced before 20 000km. Nobody was interested in my complaints yet Firestone later admitted they had a faulty batch. 6. Hankook Dynapro ATM. Went to Namibia 4 years ago and travelled via AiAis, up the coast past Sossusvlei. Before I reached Solitaire (I only got to the T-junction) I had to return to Sossusvlei as I had my fifth flat tyre, one tyre literally exploded after I plugged the hole and I had to replace two tyres. To make matters worse I could only get two 255/70/16 tyres (Maxtrek) instead of 265/70/16. Could not travel in 4X4 as bakkie started to swerve from side to side at anything over 45 km/h. Finally replaced all the Hankooks (only done 22 000km!)in Swakopmund with Maxtreks. Never liked them much as they constantly chirp around corners. They have done 42 000km now.7. On 23/10/2019 we travelled to Krugersdorp. My brother bought my caravan and so I towed it to Krugersdorp from Cape Town and as his daughter was getting married on 26th October it all worked out fine.....ja right! On the N1 about 30km before one reaches or passes Vanderbijlpark .loud bang, bakkie sags on right rear with terrible noises reaching my worried ears! We were only doing 100km/h, which is my standard towing speed, so I let the rig slow down and pulled off the road. Right rear tyre complete tread delamination, cause some body damage in the process. Had to fit spare which had done 0km. But now I do not trust the remaining tyres at all and will replace them soon. I am leaning towards General Grabbers AT3( did buy a new one as a spare in 265/70/16) or Good Year Wranglers. My brother owns a Nissan NP300 DC with Wranglers which is giving him excellent service. I might just go for the Wranglers despite the Grabber spare wheel. I see no reason why that should be a problem...or am I missing something? I always only use the spare in case of need. Otherwise it remains in its place as a spare wheel.

Like u said, its all about experience. I went from grabbers 75 000km no isssues to goodyear wranglers adventues with kevlar and they didnt saw 50 000km lost 1 and 3 punctures needless to say back to grabbers