Another solar geyser question.

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    Default Another solar geyser question.

    I have a solar therm 150 l geyser on my roof. It works on a thermosyphon system and is powered by a flat plate. I also have a 24 tube ev system I took off a house that was demolished .I also have a 100 l mega flo geyser sitting in my garage that is not used. I have a controller and a 240 v pump.
    I also have no work so I would like to soup up my existing geyser.

    If I set this up as a prefeed to go into my existing geyser but took out 12 tubes (remember its a 100l geyser )would I be able to expect a savings in the material and labour I have injected into the project.

    Also on these pumped systems do i need to use the air venting valve by the tubes or can I get away with using this. ?

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    Default Re: Another solar geyser question.

    I would replace the plate collector with the tubes and connect both geysers in series to maximise stored volume.
    Fit your water inlet at the furthest point from the tubes and draw off from the closest point to the tubes.
    Remember to fit a mixer to drop the temperature of the water to a safe level.
    The vent valve is to blow off excess pressure if the system boils, it is essential.

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