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    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a 2006 Touareg 2.5tdi in Jhb, on my way back home to Dbn the engine picked up a bearing knock... I have since done the engine to the tune of 30k... However the vehicle bow starts but doesn't want to select the gear... Initially after start up the clip on the selector cable was missing, my Mac tied the cable with a piece of wire and it selected the gears as normal and I moved the vehicle like 5m... I have replaced the wire now with the original clip and it won't select gears, did a diagnostic on it and was told to top up the oil... Did that too, problem still there... The whole selection cluster lights up red and not individually as it shud be... Please help me with some advice

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    Hi Shaylen, I am sure one of our resident Treg specialist will be along to advise, all is not lost

    P.S Please post in the VW section may get answered quicker
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