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    Default Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    Hoping for ideas. Bought a 3.2 swb Pajero for my son and during the 1st longish trip (Centurion to Bela-Bela) started to miss. It will miss (like misfiring) for a few seconds every now and then. Since then only used for short trips around Centurion without missing. Now on his way to Dullstroom it happened again, few kilos from Dullstroom started to miss again. Anyone with similar experience? Who are the best Pajero indy to check this? Advice will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    These Gen 3 had conventional fuel pumps and injectors, so I would start with the diesel filter, look for water in the trap and replace filter if it’s old

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    Default Re: Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    I experienced the same on an Isuzu 280DT at high revs under load - experts claimed I should replace the fuel pump or recalibrate. I removed the fuel pipe into the main fuel filter and pressurized the tank to clear the line. I then pressurized the pipe from the main fuel filter to the fuel tank. Problem solved and never happened again. It may be junk in the fuel lines or tank - unfortunately it’s not possible to drain junk from the bottom of the tank. I would suggest changing all fuel filters, drain all water off and then blow fuel lines to remove any junk. Good luck - please gives us some feedback when your problem is solved.

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    Default Re: Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    I had similar symptoms on my 3.2 Triton, which occurred erratically at low revs. Eventually diagnosed as faulty MAF sensor.
    This can be easily tested by just disconnecting it - the symptom goes away.
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    Default Re: Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    I would DEFINITELY take it to Bradley at Alan Black in Springs.

    I have a 2014 model and my engine light went on on our recent trip to the Richtersveld.

    Nothing seemed wrong until I needed to floor it to get up long steep hills (I was towing a fully loaded Metalian).

    I got a power loss / surge feeling and some black smoke when at 3000rpm but other than that she drove fine.

    I took it to Mitsubishi Rivonia who kept it for 4 days and all they could find was a “Fuel Filter Exchange error” so they replaced the filter hoping it would be resolved. It wasn’t so they gave up. They suggested Alan Black because he has all the equipment to test the fuel system properly.

    I took it to him on Thursday and by Friday morning he diagnosed a broken fuel pickup unit inside the tank. I had done Road to Hell on the Namakwa Eco Route and I must have bumped the fuel tank over a rock and this snapped the plastic pickup unit off the pick-up pipes.

    I found a used one at Mitsubishi spares just off Kameeldrift road in Pretoria East near Roodeplaat dam, the dealer’s have to order one on back order which will take three weeks.

    This is the used unit:

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    Default Re: Pajero 3.2did gen 3 missing after long runs

    You can also give these guys a try, my FIL swears by them.

    They are situated at Unit 13, Eagle Park, 15 Dormehl St, Anderbolt, Johannesburg, 1459.
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