So last weekend I took on my new 4x4, changed from a Disco 4 to the 2.4l Fortuner 2018

so far very happy with the car, just did a 2000 kl drive mostly tar but some 4x4ing will come up shortly

All in all very happy with the car and the price, fuel economy was really good as I averaged at about 7.7 per 100kl

Its a bit baffling on the 4x4 side, the disco just does everything, now I need to look at doing it myself and Im still not sure when to use the rear locker as it says only engage when your stuck... we will learn

I see you can get lift kits for the tuner but not sure if its worth the effort, will see how the car goes offroad and decide from there.

Must say the car feels very different to the old D4D, just hope its kept its ruggedness