Isuzu KB300 LX Troubles :( Advise needed (P0251)

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    Default Isuzu KB300 LX Troubles :( Advise needed (P0251)

    Hi 4x4 community.

    I'm new to this forum, but have read helpful threads in the past, and I just love the collective wisdom here.

    I've had a Isuzu kb300 LX 2nd hand for about 4 years, and I've been loving it, up until the beginning of this year when a few things started going wrong..
    Before I jump into that, the bakkie is:

    * 2005 Model
    * 272 000 Km on the clock
    * Bakkie is paid off, and not on a service plan

    So here is my history of problems this year in order.

    1. Bakkie started cutting out randomly.

    No power on dash board, radio dead, ignition dead. After about 1-2min, it would come back to life.
    It did this on and off for a few weeks, until the one day it cut out and didnt come back on.

    * Dealership pickup up 4WD module and Air Mass Meter faults
    * Replaced Air mass meter (put 4WD on hold for cashflow)

    2. Two months later bakkie started the same as point 1 again.

    * Dealership picked up P0251 error "Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control "A" Malfunction (Cam/Rotor/Injector)" and referred me to a diesel pump specialist
    * Diesel Pumps guys referred me to a Auto Electrician, otherwise its R7000 just to test the pump, but half the pump is electrical so it could be a small fault with electrics.

    3. Went to Auto Electrician.

    * No faults found, as vehicle was working when he checked it. (as the vehicle only cuts out randomly every 2-3 days)
    * They told me to just drive it until it cuts out again, then bring it to them then.

    What to do next?
    I have this bakkie here which I dont really want to drive as it would be dangerous cutting out on the highway when driving (breaks, steering lock ect)But I'm hesitant to fork out 7k to get the pump tested for something that might not even be the issue?I'm actually in the mind of just selling the vehicle with its problems, but this is a separate topic all together.

    I'm hoping you guys have some light to shed on my bakkie woahs.
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