My wife and I want to do some longer trips - sometimes staying just overnight, or a couple of days- camping all the way in our "sedate" Subaru Forester. . We used to have a Hilux which had masses of space and could carry everything plus even stuff we would never use!

We are both 65yrs old and so conversions have to facilitate that, i.e no strenuous lifting of jerry cans, spare wheels etc and stuff on to roof rack etc (my superman days are over now!)

Has anyone done any innovative camping conversions? Nothing permanent so that vehicle reverts to normal when we get back home.

I am talking about easily accessible packing/storage space and methods, fridge, LED and solar charging/batteries. Roof top tent or not? Awning ideas etc. Also where to put spare wheel so it is accessible because once you have packed u the vehicle, the wheel is inaccessible without unpacking and repacking (can one get a two hitch attachment?). Jerry can, water container etc.

We will be wanting to go to Namibia/Botswana/Zimbabwe/Mozambique - clearly not harder off roading like we used to do in our Hilux!

Any ideas out there?