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    Default Travel in Africa

    Okay this is not specific to a single country in the Overland section but when travelling through multiple countries

    When I travelled through Africa ( Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia & Tanzania ) from mid 80's to mid 90's, we carried a full inventory of all our gear ( camping, scuba, boating etc ) and listed it as a " temporary import / export permit " and had it stamped at all points of exit or entry to a country - this was to prove we had brought it in and were taking it out again - avoided duties or questioning if you had sold stuff for gain in that country or bought stuff in that country !

    Is this still necessary ? Is it an advisable thing to do ?

    Any info would be appreciated to pass on to friends going from SA to Namibia, Botswana, Zim and Moz in a single trip !

    Thanks !

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    It's always a good practice. Just make sure at the border post that they do not need you to fill in an official form witht eh details - Moz uses one, as does Zim (If they've still got paper to print it on)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyF View Post
    Is this still necessary ? Is it an advisable thing to do ?
    Good practice , although ive never completed the form comprehensively when crossing , and have never been questioned , i do list the serial no of the fridge , gps and camera .
    If they get nicked , i can at least entertain my insurer with the declaration .
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    Yes it is.

    Build a list and attach it to your DA65 when leaving ZA, or any TIP that you are making out at any border post. I also found that it you have a list of multiple pages, they are not interested in "disecting" your car. They will leave you be.
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    Hi Andy
    Have only done Moz in recent years.
    A complete list was not required, but a visitor can always be hassled if he does not have it.
    So yes , best use one.
    I think the replies you have received are excellent.

    Some added thoughts:
    For Moz , unless towing the blue triangle is not necessary , but best to have two with you - if your vehicle has to be recovered and towed , you will be fined if you dont have one front and back.
    The Moz cops like checking for quick accessibility of red hazard triangles.
    If possible have these visible from outside vehicle - can save you being stopped by speculative cops.
    If possible travel in a close knit convoy - less chance of being stopped and blackmailed by cops.
    Be careful of Moz cops enticing vehicles into breaking the law - eg they dawdle along on left , then move right as you overtake and force you over white line - Bingo - a big fine. Sometimes even overtaking a slow cop car is seen as speeding.
    Fuel in Moz seemed good quality and available. Only a few garages would accept credit cards.


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