New regulations: Botswana & Caprivi Trip June 2019

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    Default New regulations: Botswana & Caprivi Trip June 2019

    Good day all,

    I am planning a trip with friends to Caprivi via Stockpoort Border Post into Botswana in June 2019. We are 6 vehicles.

    My questions are:

    * Can I take meat into Botswana?.....Sleeping first night in Palapye and the next night in Maun where we normally buy meat for Namibia
    * Secondly, can we take meat from Botswana into Namibia.....Our first sleepover in Namibia is at Divindu. (western side of Caprivi)
    * I believe every vehicle must have a Fire Extinguisher going into Botswana.
    * Any other issues at border post or Vet Fences that anyone experienced this year?

    Thank you......any other relevant info will be appreciated.


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    Default New regulations: Botswana & Caprivi Trip June 2019

    Going north meat isnít a problem but going south will result in confiscation (about 50 north of Nata on Kasane road thereís a major check point). Donít take any citrus fruits whatsoever as theyíre prohibited. Meat is excellent in Botswana and fillet is cheap. We get ours vacuum packed at major Spar stores in Bots at no extra charge. No problem taking meat in Namibia. In dozens of trips Iíve never been asked to show my fire extinguisher but itís a pice of essential equipment you should have as so many have lost their vehicles to fire (my Landy Defender too) so I carry several all the time. You never know if you have to save someone in a burning vehicle or yourself
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    Default Re: New regulations: Botswana & Caprivi Trip June 2019

    According to my knowledge there is a defenite meat ban.
    No meat to enter Botswana or Namibia from SA.
    Has the ban been lifted? I dont think so.

    There are other threads in the Botswana section regarding this topic.

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