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    Question Nissan Patrol as an overland vehicle

    Good evening. I am looking for a reliable overland vehicle after my current 4x4 dropped me in Botswana with a 4x4 transfer case motor switch issue. Another story... it will be my daily drive so the only option patrol wise would be the 3.0 diesel. My questions:
    • The engine hand grenade issues have been sorted since the 2004 models?
    • What is the cost of services like in South Africa?
    • What is the availability of parts?
    • What is the mechanical support like in Africa? All things can break and it would be good if one can get going again.
    • Any other issues?

    I am currently not planning on travelling further north than Zambia. I would like to also consider Kaokaland later on. Most of my trips will therefore be in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

    Current - 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser with some extras
    Ex - 2015 Ford Ranger XL Plus 4x4 D/C P/U RSI Canopy
    Ex - 2014 Suzuki Jimny - Amada Xtreme 40mm suspension upgrade and Eezi-awn k9 roofrack (sold )

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    Default Re: Nissan Patrol as an overland vehicle

    Most of the issues were sorted after 2004, but the one to go for (if you can) is the CRD, which was introduced from around 2015 (but it was not a sudden change, the CRD and DI engines were used side-by-side for a couple of years).

    The CRD is both safer and more powerful.

    As for parts in SA: Nissan is relatively useless. They can supply parts but often not off the shelf and most parts are quite expensive (although I feel this is true of many manufacturers nowadays). As usual, some dealers are better than others.

    There are now a couple of great independent parts suppliers (one for new parts, primarily from Terrain Tamer, the other mostly for used parts), and a couple of great independent mechanics too. Of course, most of these are around Gauteng.

    As for the rest of Africa: the BDF uses Patrols, so parts in Bots are often easier to find and cheaper than in SA.
    Namibia's parts availability is probably similar to SA's apart from the Indies.
    I am not sure what the situation is in Zambia.
    1996 Patrol 4.2SGL with lots of stuff to make it heavier and thus increase traction?

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    Default Re: Nissan Patrol as an overland vehicle

    I would advise you join the Nissan Patrol group, a wealth of information there and good advise to be had.


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