Inhassoro to Harare. Where to go and stay

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    Default Inhassoro to Harare. Where to go and stay

    Hi all

    We have 3 nights available between leaving inhassoro and needing to be in Harare. We are a family of 4, with 2 young kids traveling with an off-road caravan. Can anyone give input and advice on
    1) best route ( ie: Manica or espungabera border )
    2) where to stay
    3) cool or interesting things to do
    4) best border ( manica or espungabera ?)

    We had Planned winging a full day drive from inhassoro through manica and into zim, then staying a few nights at the bunga reserve south of mutare. Or alternately we were going to do the eapungabera border and find a place to stay near chipinge, but apparently badly hit by the floods? Border choice?

    Any input and advice will be appreciated as we are at loggerheads of how best to spend those 3 nights

    Never been in the area so not sure where is best to go


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    Default Re: Inhassoro to Harare. Where to go and stay

    I would not drive the EN1 north of Inhassoro with a caravan.. unless the road has been repaired. The potholes are craters and its hectic with trucks.
    Do check on Drivemoz or Mozguide before attempting this.
    Rather go via Sa through Pafuri or Giriyondo.
    Espungabera border is doable now but roads are slow. Try Ndzou lodge but its been full of late w Ngos.
    Manica border is easy.
    You can overnight at Casa Masika outside Manica ....has good fishing. But the entrance road has changed so best ask locals which turnoff to take.
    Or Musangano lodge west of Mutare is v good w lovely campsite and walks as well.

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    Default Re: Inhassoro to Harare. Where to go and stay

    North of inhassoro - lots of pot holes ; pafuri to limpopo Nat Park - very bad and corrugated!


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