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    Good day all

    Firstly thanks to the admins for allowing such a youngling to join the forum. Now I might not be able to give the best if any advice on anything and will always listen to the "Ooms" and "tannies" of the forum but my combined Google and Youtube hours might be of some

    I'm very keen to learn as I'm still young and know a little bit of a lot of thing. Millwright and apprentice AutoMech by trade with hobbies ranging from welding to 3D modeling/printing and programing. "Jack of all trades, Master of none" like oupa always says.

    I'm here to learn new things, look for answers I might not even have questions for yet, by experiences of all the members had over their overlanding trips and maybe gain a 4x4 group with whom I can go on trips with (own vehicle, I'm not a freeloader).

    Thanks you for reading my long intro

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    Welcome and enjoy
    Audi A6 Avant Quattro V6 tdi ( Sold )
    VW Touareg V6 tdi ( sadly written off )
    2 x Toyota Celica GT4 Gen 6 (Sold) sadly missed
    2 x Toyota Celica Gen. 5 ( Sold ) not missed as much as the above.


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