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    I have long had a fascination with the rare African pangolin, but have never seen a live specimen in the wild. The closest being a fairly fresh corpse (natural causes) in the bush in Zambia's Kafue NP in 2012 on a trip organized on this forum.

    Here is a link to a very interesting 45min YouTube video on Pangolins and their conservation

    Thanks to Pangolin Photographic Safaris (link obtained from their newsletter) and I hope enthusiasts enjoy the video.
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    Thanks for sharing this Stan. It's a really sad indictment on peoples greed and ignorance around wild life and so called benefits from what is little more than a finger nail.

    Hopefully the plight of the pangolins will start to enjoy the levels of publicity and therefore protection that our rhinos and elephants are starting to benifit from.

    Unfortunately until Chinese and other Asian cultures buy into a change, it will remain a huge uphill battle. When they talk of tons of scales being shipped and then you hear the giant is only 30kgs you get some idea of the size of the problem. Thankfully there are people out there that care enough to fight that battle.
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    Default Re: Pangolin video

    This is a well-made and very moving and shocking film. Hopefully everyone with an interest in wildlife and Africa will watch and share.

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