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    Hi There

    I suppose the first thing I have to ask that we keep the answers to my question simple, in other words dumb it down

    I will be going away into the bush for a few days and need to keep my National Luna 90 ltr Fridge/Freezer working while we have no access to 220v power. There would be a couple of led lights as well but that's it.

    This system is for when I go away, so most of its life it will be packed away, so I did not want to spend a fortune, but to make sure that I have something that will work and something that will not burst into flames.

    I have 3 x 100 Watt solar panels 18.4 volt each
    I have 2 x 90 Amp hour led crystal batteries connected in parallel
    I have a Epsolar Tracer 3210CN 30A MPPT Charge Controller

    1) Do I connect the panels in series or parallel, and which is better for my application, as the one gives more volts and the other more amps so which is best. The charge controller has enough capacity to take the volts if connected in series, but is it not amps that I require to keep the batteries charged?
    2) I would also like to put a fuse into the system somewhere, where should I put it, and what type, what voltage/amp/watt

    I have made brackets to join all 3 panel together and adjustable legs for the panels so that I can get the best angle, all the engineering, cabling etc, I have no problem with and although I have read many articles, many discuss series vs parallel but none give a definitive answer

    In anticipation of your answers thank you so much for your help

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    I would use series only because you are using a MPPT controller. Put a 10A maxim fuse on the input of the MPPT and also a 40A on the positive of the battery before you make the // connections.
    Series panels will cause a loer volt drop than 3 times the current in // connected panels.
    This answer applies only if the Epsolar can handle a input of 60V.
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    I think this thread has some good info...


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