Munitoria Fire and House Plans

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    Default Munitoria Fire and House Plans

    Long story short: I need copies of the approved plans for my property in Centurion but, due to the Munitoria fire all those years ago (1997, if I'm not mistaken), the only plans I could get hold of only show roughly HALF of the buildings on the property.

    Does anyone know if there was another repository of building plans that might have a more up-to-date set of (approved) drawings?

    Long story long:
    We bought the property in 2012 before the banks started requiring up-to-date plans for bonds and, while we were promised approved drawings in the purchase contract, we never got them. The lawyer who handled the transfer advised that since we now owned the property, we had to apply for the plans ourselves. I figured "bugger that for a game of soldiers" and just left it alone - never knowing how hard this would bite me in the backside later.

    Now, the old lawyer is in Canada, the old owner is somewhere up in Africa and the old owner's new lawyer just recons "you knew about the issue back then and did nothing, so good luck trying to sue for costs now."

    Adding the costs to the house price is all good and well in theory, but the costs (drawings, approvals engineers etc - I don't know what's involved) will need to be paid up front and we don't have the R25k odd (as per a quote we received for drawing everything up from scratch) available. The other issue is the waiting time for approvals: 3-6 months is apparently the best case scenario.

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    Default Re: Munitoria Fire and House Plans

    Similar scenario, just at Roodepoort where the offices housing the building plans also burnt down years ago. Not all plans were destroyed but they were moved to/dumped in another building. Had to pay a draughtsman to draw up plans etc. Building line relaxations applied for by original builder etc. had to be redone (extra costs). It took more than 2 years before I had my plans in hand. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Munitoria Fire and House Plans

    What I normally do in Port Elizabeth is that I remeasure and redraw the plans as is and submit the plans as a as-built, if that is approved then I do the proposed addition.
    I also did plans in Roodepoort (he is also on the Forum) then I use a "plan runner" to do the applications she was a Town Planner for Roodepoort Municipality, If you want I can give you her telephone number then you can contact her, Her husband also do plans.

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