I am in the market for a good deal an a Volkswagen Touareg Escape. The model that has both air suspension and low range. I don't want to spend a lot on it as I am not planning on driving it for more than two years. Price range is R200k - R280k. I missed a good deal on one 8 month's ago. Problem is, I haven't found a decently priced one with moderate mileage since then. There is currently one available that I know of, but the mileage is extremely high. Price is good, but it has 230,000km on the clock. I don't mind driving VW with high mileage. My first Amarok did 190,000km trouble free and my second is currently at 135,000km trouble free. Problem is, I know I take care of my vehicle. To buy one with 240,000km not knowing how good it was cared for scares me. Especially since you don't get decent aftermarket warranty's for vehicles with more than 200,000km.
I started looking at other options. Found a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with offroad package. 80,000km. Still under warranty till July 2020. Apparantly I still have an option to extend the warranty. Price is R40k more expensive.

Looking for some opinions and personal experience if possible, especially with the Jeep. Would you go for the VW Touareg that is much more reliable in general, but has extremely high mileage and no option for extended warranty, or would you go for the Jeep that is notorious for it's ability to leave you stranded? Keep in mind it has 150,000km less mileage on it, and you can still get a warranty.
I look at websites that give breakdown statistics for both vehicles, and Jeep is much, much worse. Only thing is, the website use American statistics and give the amount of breakdowns, not the percentage according to sales. Jeep sells much better in the states than the Touareg, so I am not sure if that can be used as a guide. Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee really that unreliable, or has it's unreliability been exaggerated?