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    Hi All.

    I would like to connect my 1000w invertor into the existing Commander electrical system.

    I would like to have it as follows:

    1. IF off grid then the inverter should work automatically from the one of the two batteries or both but still 12volts.

    2. Then if connected to main 220v then the inverter should be protected and or the Commander, would not like back feed into the inverter (IF THIS BACK FEED EVEN POSSIBLE, or should I just connect up anyway and not worry about a thing).

    3. Then how would I tie this into the Commander electrical system. From the battery is I think I'm competent to do this I will install a lekker fuse in the positive line between battery and inverter.

    Do I just tie it into the main circuit with diode of some sort.

    4. Thinking of permanently fixing the inverter just under the fan.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Invertor tie in

    Connect it directly to the Battery or one of the Batteries, you would not have use of it anyway if there is 240 volt available (unless you are referring to an automatic change-over system)

    Your Invertor / or most I have seen are already fuse protected, however you can add an additional fuse on the Positive side.
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