Aluminium cab vs roll top

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    Default Aluminium cab vs roll top

    Hi everyone

    I'm the proud new owner of a Hilux XtraCab but now I'm trying to decide what canopy is best to get!
    I would mainly be using the back for carrying golf clubs and kiteboarding equipment (so security is quite important).
    Any advice on which to get would be greatly appreciated! If you could give me your experience with your roll top or canopy that would be awesome.
    I'm not interested in a fiber glass canopy such as the Andycab because i need to be able to open the canopy from the sides and i like prying eyes not being able to see whats inside.

    Thanks everyone in advance

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    Default Re: Aluminium cab vs roll top

    Speak to Riaan for RLD canopies.

    Nice stainless canopy and good service

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