Dometic vs National Luna comparison

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    Default Dometic vs National Luna comparison

    Hi All

    Due to circumstances, I now have two Fridge/Freezers in my camping artillery. I just got fed up to have a proper freezer and a cooler box with ice for the fridge stuff.
    I think it the unit's size, although a 5 litre difference, makes them comparing worth while.
    So yesterday I had the opportunity to put them next to each other and run a simple test of current draw and cooling.
    Please don't criticize mistakes, I will gladly change typos, mistakes and other info if I can test it to your specification. I will also add additional info if you can describe the test you would like checked.

    I could not get tables inserted correctly, so I used images instead.

    General Info:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I allowed the two units to stand next to each other for two hours, lids open, in my garage. Ambient temperature was 24 as per Alarm System’s keypad. Probably not accurate, but at least a point of reference.
    Both were connected to the 12VDC of the XT140.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So the start-up temperature differed by 8. That is a lot in my opinion.
    Lids were closed and the 15 minute timer started.

    I have an Amp Meter in the trailer, and although it might not be accurate, for this test it at least provides a comparable reading.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Dometic took almost 30 minutes to reach 0.

    Below are some videos of the test.

    Dometic Start-up

    National Luna start-up:

    Both fridges varied in temperatures during the day, between -2 and 5. Suppose this is the variance allowed before the compressor start and stop.

    Some Pictures:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Height difference:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Height Difference.jpg 
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    Top Views:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dometic CF50.jpg 
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Name:	National Luna Weekender.jpg 
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    So these two are similar, but also different.
    For me the CF50 is mounted in the car as a daily use as I do not have an irritating knocking from the compressor and it has a fridge section.
    The Weekender will be used as a fridge while camping, as the four included baskets allows me to pack more easily.


    The Weekender's lid seal is far better than the Dometic
    The Weekender has dedicated strap down holes
    The Weekender's four baskets

    The CF50's fridge compartment
    The CF50's quite operation and no compressor knocking
    The CF50's included cover
    , saving R 1 000 on the additional cover from NL.


    The Weekender's compressor knock continuously against the side
    The Weekender's bottom control panel. In a nose cone of a trailer you have to have a cut-out to get to this.
    The Weekender seems to turn on automatically when it detects a power source, even if you turned it off with the button.
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    Default Re: Dometic vs National Luna comparison

    I bought a Trailboss / NL fridge 3 weeks ago and went camping 1-3 March. The fridge on AC at home before we left, and it took forever to reach the set temperature of -10C.
    At the camp, it ran in the back of the vehicle off a Deltec Lead Crystal and slowly started losing its cooling ability. On the Saturday afternoon, it stopped working (although the compressor was running it showed 24C) even after plugging it into 220V and I had to take out the meat and put it into another NL in the caravan. Although it was very hot on the day, my experience with other NL freezers is that they keep their temperature and perform effectively.

    The faulty unit was returned to ODWH on the Monday and I replaced it with a 52lt Weekender which seems to be running very well.

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    Default Re: Dometic vs National Luna comparison

    Nice test, I enjoyed the fact that it's realworld.
    Not a drummed up ad from a magazine who got a test unit for free.

    On a side note I did experience the Dometic working MUCH better without the shiny cover on.
    I use mine in vehicle aswell so the cover was just in the way.

    And for 3 grand more you can cool down your beer more quickly !
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    Default Re: Dometic vs National Luna comparison

    Interesting stuff. I inherited an NL 40 when I bought the First Paj. It only just fit on the fridge slide that came with the car too. It was always a mission to get it in and out and set up just right, it was just a little too tall.

    I offered it to a mate of mine who is busy setting up and he agreed. He came around and told me that the cigarette lighter feed in the back of his trailblazer cuts off after 10 minutes, so we plugged in the fridge to check it was working and said we would check again in ten minutes.

    We found out two things. The NL dropped from around 24C to around 10C in ten minutes. Secondly, the feed is live all the time. This fridge maybe 9 years old and it still works like a charm.

    I already have one Waeco 50 L and replaced the Nl with the Dometic 50 L (same thing). It fits the slide much better although I have to take one handle off, I find them to be easier to handle and you get a little extra space. I have not done a side by side and can only hope that the longevity of the Waeco/Dometic is as good as the NL

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