Grand Cherokee 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland - maps update?

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    Default 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland - maps update?

    I'm a mere week or so into ownership of this fantastic vehicle. However - UConnect maps... Ja, they're a bit outdated.

    Googling brings up a horrific price of US$500 odd and a very complicated update process that involves around an hour of engine idling and an 8GB USB stick. Is there any easier, quicker, and definitely cheaper option? Is there alternative map software that can be loaded, that can be regluarly updated?

    A question re this to the local dealership has been met with silence.
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    Default Re: 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland - maps update?

    We prefer to use our TomTom as it is quicker and better than the Satnavs fitted into Jeeps and many other brands. Waste of money updating the system whether a Jeep or other brand! I am convinced that motor manufacturers look around for the cheapest outdated systems for vehicles when buying!
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