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    Default Re: Tata Indica engine install thread

    A solution might be to buy the triple guages - oil pressure, water temp and voltmeter.

    The golf water bottle needs the electronics to work - it is housed in a relay look alike box.

    Henris used a bmw sensor bolted to the head to cut out when overheating - I tried searching for the link but obviously not good at it. There are plenty of threads to read on here about water level sensing etc.

    I used to drill through a bolt or spare sensor and fitted a ds18s20 sensor in there and epoxied it in, then fitted on the head. If you go ahead with the arduino then this will be a start. There are many options to try once you are familiar with the way the arduino works.

    Stand alone capacitive sensors tend to be very pricey - it may have changed since I last looked. The golf system is capacitive.

    The madman system is very good. Just follow the wiring instructions correctly if you go this route.

    You can look at mgl avionics for some ideas - spark plug temp probes etc. Just realise it will not be a simple process to fit and calibration may be needed.

    You can use a float sensor which is very simple. Avoid the plastic ones as they are not rated for the temp, I have seen too many corroded and cracked. The s/s ones tend to be too short, so to lengthen them you need access to tig or brazing/silver solder.

    The water bottle idea is the best is then you can have a warning on water loss which will give you time to pull over but let's say for example that your fan does not switch on you could still overheat the engine, so you need to plan for that as well.

    Remember to explain the alarms or flashing lights once you are finished to whomever uses the vehicle.

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