Hi all,

End June this year (2019) we plan to drive from Isoka Zambia to Nyika’s Chelinda Camp in Malawi. An interesting, yet do-able routing it seems during dry season, via D790 then the M14 to Muyombe and then connect to the M9 up to Chelinda Camp via Thazima Gate.

Latest info we have suggests the tarmac section ends about 70kms east of Isoka. Also the road from Muyombe to Katumbi seems not been worked on in a while. We would pass through Mafinga Hills which seems a fairly rough section after which there is supposed to be about 10kms of unpaved road before getting back to the tarmac. From the border to Thazima Gate, it appears a stretch of about 20kms of bumpy dirt road and a small stretch of tarmac. Then a 60km distance between Chelinda Camp and Thazima Gate.

It seems there are no Zambian immigration or customs officials at the border and passport stamping and vehicle export clearance would need to take place before. It is not clear to us if this shall take pace in Muyombe, or Isoka, or elsewhere…

Can anyone advise the latest on immigration and customs clearance on the Zambian site when driving from Isoka Zambia to Nyika Malawi? Where shall we organize this?

Also, we learnt the Malawi officials should be there for passport stamping, yet TIP/3rdpart insurance shall be obtained in Mzuzu.

Note that we have EU Schengen passports and will be driving a 4x4 rental.

Latest info on this forum dates back to 2016, so any updates/info would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!