We are arranging a promotional weekend at Platbank 4x4 this coming weekend. The intention is to invite influential people who are integral part of arranging weekend breakaways for clubs and social 4x4 groups to come and experience first hand the awesome and diverse trail this venue has on offer, as well as the beauty and tranquility that surrounds the main camp and trail itself. You will only liable for your own expenses and there are no camp or trail fees applicable for the weekend.

Initially this was an event aimed at inviting specific, targeted individuals, but due to other commitments some people can't make it for this weekend and there are a few spots open which is why I am extending the invitation to this platform.

If you are someone that fits the criteria, and have not been to Platbank before and you are interested to attend this weekend (at such short notice), please leave your details and affiliation to the general 4x4 community (club/social group involvement) etc.

Platbank is 30km past Vaalwater, Limpopo.