I have add endless issues with my now 2nd Montana.

The first was bought in the states in December, and replaced under warranty by Garmin SA, great service. They sent me a brand new one and it has the same issues.

The problem starts when you try and select a route that was created on Basecamp and transferred to the T4A SD card. It gives a message that there are no routable roads in the area and it also can not recalculate. Then it drops all my settings and enables the worldwide base map by itself.

I spent a week with T4A to try and resolve, and realised it was not the SD card nor the maps (18.12.02).

Out of frustration and a looming trip, I bought the cheapest Garmin Drive 40 on special at Makro, installed the SD card with exact same routes.... and... works 100%!!!

I did my entire trip over 2000kms last week with the Drive 40, no issues.

Myself and the technician at Garmin SA have tried all kinds of things and I am about to send this one back to them also.

So the question is, has anyone had any weird routing issues with a Montana 610 and T4A?

Just a side note, I have owned 3 or 4 different GPS models, and used T4A on a SD card in them. These include, Aera 500, 276CX, Drive 40 etc. So I am pretty confident that it is not a setting I am getting wrong.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,