After seeing a FB advert for a 4x4 trip to Namibia and Angola I got this craze idea to do it by bike , but as a fully loaded bike ( two up ) will be a hand full in the desert and the ( doodsakker) on the coast would be a treacherous piece to navigate , I decide on a different route and final destination ( Lubango )
so in short my plan , leave home ( Kemptonpark ) head for Botswana , then vai the trans Kalahari highway to Namibia (Windhoek ) then Ruacana , cross another border and then Lubango . Plan is to see the sites for 2 days then head all the way back home , 12-14 day trip .
Trip date can only be in December , yes I am aware it is HOT , but only time i can close shop, and my holiday time .
I have just short of a year to plan , did a bit of homework on accommodation in Lubango , really nice places for not big money . Namibia another story , found a Backpacker place in Tsumeb , nice but here lies my problem and if you can help then please do so .
As it will be a bike tour and I hope I can convince a couple of mad hatters to join me , hope for about 6 bikes for the tour 10-12 people . accommodation fot a goup this size could be a challenge and difficult to book nearly a year in advance .
Ok that said a comfortable distance is around the 650-700 ks a day , Jhb - Ruacana is 2000ks and Ruacana to Lubango 450 . This gives us 4 days to get to Ruacana , about 500 a day but this mite not work as halfway to Windhoek is Kang in Botswana 700ks and then Windhoek to Ruacana is 750 , means we can do the 700 odd a day and get to Ruacana in 3 have a rest day and then cross the Border To Lubango , spend Xmas and boxing day there and then head back . or have a extra day in Angola to sight see .
what I need information on is, is suggestions on where to stay , distances from one to another , and take note we have 14 days to do this trip in , just had a look at the calender and we could have a day extra some where , maybe spend a day in Windhoek going up and or spend new year in Windhoek , before the 2 day trek home .
I did not want to post this in the Namibia section as I think I can get more from this section .
Thank you in advance for any suggestion and help