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    Quote Originally Posted by Riaan van Wyk View Post
    A property can't get speeding fines. Similarly, it would seem if the same people use my car, park it at the SPAR and party till two in the morning with loud music from the car's speakers, I must get a phone call because it is my car?

    I might be wrong but I fail to see how I am responsible as a property owner for what tenants do at my property.
    Apart from being the right thing to do, here's a clue, if a tenant disobeys common sense and decency rules, they will also destroy your property in other ways, remember that as a landlord you are an investor and as an investor you want the best return with the minimum hassle, therefore you don't want noisy, irresponsible noisy neighbours that will also destroy your carpets, your fixtures in the house and leave it in a messy state and generally be a pain in the arse for more normal humans around them, and generally devaluing the entire area and forcing other good tenants to move out - ever seen a ghetto develop ? all the good law abiding people who investors aka landlords want then move out and you are left with the dregs and then your investment tanks out, and then the landlords complain about tenants and in fact the landlord missed the onus of responsibility of protecting their investment but they didn't cause they were lazy

    do some reading around Rudi Giuliano book about "broken windows" spelling of author may be wrong - I have found this to be so true and such a life lesson, its very much recommended reading as well as the actual psycho theories around it

    I have been chairman in an HOA for 10+years and I can confirm that the tenants that make noise and piss neighbours off, do not clean their units, their kids are always causing chaos, parking is all over the place and no other rules are respected - I have never come across a noisy tenant that didn't have behavioural and money issues elsewhere, if the tenant is quiet and normal then all is good, so I don't have an axe against tenants just the noisy ones as it is such a good indicator of values and respect and a good landlord will act on it to protect their investment, there are always more good tenants than bad and landlords must not be afraid to act and get tenants in line, and even the bog standard downloadable rental agreements make provision for the landlord to cancel and send the tenants on their way

    life rant over

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    "but I do enjoy trying to nail that Comfortably Numb solo for a few hours. "

    Ooh you can by my neighbour.
    I see your CN and raise you Poison by AC.

    Back on the subject, a similar letter to the one as quoted above helped me years ago with a neighbour who didnt shut up his very noisy jack russel.
    I obtained a draft from the local prosecutor's office and filled in the details to suit the matter and best of all, it was delivered to my neighbour by hand by the prosecutor's office using the saps.
    Not a tweet after that and they moved out a few months later.
    Its the prosecutor's way of preventing small domestic issues to clutter his desk and it works.
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