2 year solo 4x4 africa exploration

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    Quote Originally Posted by smcs View Post

    For my purposes, with high demand on a daily basis, is this investment worth it? Alternatively, do I keep to what I know: 2 x Deltek 105 Ah Deep Cycle Lead Crystals. Powered through CTek DC2DC charger.

    (In all probability - I will be seeking an alternative DC2DC option. That choice is probably not directly pertinent to my question).

    Lets assume a static camping position without alternator/DC2DC charging for 4 days. Solar panels of 200W to compliment at "average" sunshine levels and "average" efficiency for 6 hours p/d.
    I have not provided absolute current requirements. The unknowns are too broad and variable. Rather, I am looking for "gut-feel" broad responses and comments from those that are experienced - based on my supplied criteria.
    A couple of flying statements for starters:
    Keep to some of what you know. Increase the Deltek's to 4 at least
    Get industrial solenoid system
    200W panel is only good enough for 1 fridge
    Consider upgrade on alternator to 120 A

    You need a high performance system that can store energy quickly in a lot of battery capacity. I often use 3 Deltecs and store close on 120Ah in less than 2 hours.
    Oversize everything especially cables and connections.

    Read attached article from where you can make your own sums
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