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    Hi Guys.

    Ive read through quite a bit of the treats here and the info is invaluable. I want some suggestions from you guys on my trip.

    Some friends and I are planning a trip to Botswana in April. We want to travel trough Bots, see the falls and then head to Kariba where we will be staying on a House boat for a week and then make our way back trough Zim. We want to leave here around 1 April and we need to reach Kariba on the 11th. I've never been to any of these places except for Zim. The same counts for the guys Im traveling with. Some of our main interests will be to see a bit of Bots, Fishing and defiantly the falls maybe even get some white river rafting in while were there. Did I mention fishing? We here there is monster tiger swimming around in those waters.

    We want to limit setting up camp so we want to travel for a day and then spend 2-3 nights where ever we camp and then move on. I know that there are many conversations on the site of Bots but I did not find anything with fishing and site seeing. Please give me some suggestions on the following:

    Are there any specific routes that can be suggested for this type of trip?
    What will be the best way to travel to Kariba from the falls, trough Zim or trough Malawi?
    Where will we find the best fishing?
    Places to stay on the trip?

    Any suggestions on these questions would be appreciated but please bear in mind that Im still a rookie at 4X4 and we will be traveling in 1 vehicle. Some light to medium off road will be lovely, but nothing to heavy.

    Thanks a mil!!!

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    Hi Mamba - I can't help with Bots but you might consider doing Falls to Kariba through Zim, via Binga-Karoi. If you'd like more info, contact me on [email protected] (also see ) - I love this 4x4 forum but it can be difficult for me to correspond at length due to server/download time problems in Zim -

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    Dirk can better advise you on Zim but I think there are a few houseboats operating from the Milibisi/Binga end of Kariba and if so this then saves you a LOT of travelling by road to the other side of the lake.
    On the way back seiously consider going through Bulawayo to Gweru and Antelope Park where you can walk with lions and swim with elephants. This really IS quite and experience and at very reasonable We have been there twice and will certainly make it a stopover on our next Zim tip if at all possible.

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