Hi All

I am fairly new to the forum...I used to be quite involved int he overlanding scene with my dad years ago (Peter Tiedt), so quite familiar with most aspects etc.
Those of you who knew him, he regrettably passed away in July 2017.

This forum has been a great resource of information, and I owe thanks for making sure I have ordered a trailer within my vehicle towing limits and license.
Now to the task at hand - I am busy working on a simple power system based on my needs and lifestyle, and vehicle restrictions:

My current setup:

2017 Renault Duster 1.5 DCi 4x4
Venter Super 6 Trailer - Bought new, and chassis disc registered to 640 GVM limit as per my vehicle towing limits.
1x CF25 Waeco and 1x CF50 Waeco*.

I camp infrequently, maybe 5x a year, at an average duration of 2 nights / 3 days. Max is rarely 5 nights.
I camp mainly with our Scout group, and with geocaching friends. Majority of the time, 220v is available where we camp.

I have done a fair amount of research, and have settled on the below setup, but want to vet it against the experience and knowledge of the forum, and will welcome any fine tuning and/or suggested adjustments too.

105ah Deep Cycle Battery in National Luna Portable Power Pack.
Run cabling supplied with the PPP from the main battery to tow hitch, and connect to trailer via BH plug. Fuse inline. Should I add a switch to isolate when not in use and to prevent shorts?

Will mount the PPP box in the nose cone, alongside the Waeco CF25.
*CF50 is not always be used, but if I do use it, I will probably connect to the aux port in the Duster boot.
LED Lighting around the trailer and campsite.
300w inverter for the odd small 220 appliance (Laptop and screen) - To double as back up for load shedding, as I work from home.

I will also appreciate where I can get a well priced, reliable battery and suggested brands. (ie. Enertec, Deltec etc?)
I saw this - Are the suppliers any good, and battery? https://thepowerstore.co.za/products...ealed-battery?

I look forward to all thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks guys!